About Us

Little Flowers Community is a local church in downtown Winnipeg.  Inspired by both the Anabaptist & Franciscan traditions, together we seek to embrace lives of generosity, simplicity, hospitality and peace.  We are primarily made up of people who live in the neighbourhood (though all are welcome), with many of our core members choosing to share life together through various expressions of co-housing.

Little Flowers Community is a partnership between Mennonite Church Manitoba and YWAM Urban Ministries Winnipeg.  After several years of life and ministry in Winnipeg’s inner city West End community, YWAM was asked by neighbours and friends to help form a new church in the neighbourhood.  After expressing the desire to partner with an established denomination with similar values and beliefs, they were approached by Mennonite Church Manitoba.  It was out of this relationship that Little Flowers Community was born.  Our beliefs, and therefore lifestyle, are shaped by a commitment to radical obedience to the teachings of Christ in the Mennonite tradition.  We are also inspired by the life and example of St. Francis & St. Clare of Assisi.

Little Flowers is committed to being a missional community, meaning that we seek to make the mission of God the organizing reality of everything that we are and everything that we do.  It is distinctly shaped by and for the unique culture(s) of the West End.  Little Flowers is committed to be community-led, including all involved in the shaping and movement of the church.  Within that, there is a core of believers who are committed to be servant leaders.  YWAM directors Jamie Arpin-Ricci and Kim Arpin-Ricci were joined by others in the formation of a Support Team.  The current support team includes:

  • Laura Everett
  • Garrett Everett
  • Lindsey Ainsworth
  • Kim Arpin-Ricci
  • Jamie Arpin-Ricci
  • Sam Schalk
  • Jen Funk
  • Chris Sundby
Latest News

    “The Last Verdict”

    Posted by admin on Monday, March 21st, 2016

    We are excited to announce that one of our pastors, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, has just released his newest book. Here are the details: What would you do if your child was murdered? What would you do if your child was convicted of murder? Alice Goodman has known great loss. Since the brutal murder of her daughter […]

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    Mud Slinging With Jesus

    Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

    Not long ago at Little Flowers Community, I taught (as many did) from John 9- namely, the story of the man who was blind from birth and whom Jesus healed. The text it full of important truths, but there was one aspect that emerged for me that I had not considered before, so I wanted […]

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