Chiara House

Chiara House is an initiative of Little Flowers Community, in partnership with Mennonite Church Manitoba, Eden Health Services and others.  Guided by the values and leadership of these partners, Chiara House is an apartment building in Winnipeg’s West End that provides affordable housing with an emphasis on supporting people of low income and those with mental illness. In many ways, it is an intentional community of good neighbours sharing life together. Several years ago, the small apartment building (490 Maryland St.) was purchased, affording us a space to create this community.

The building has three floors, as well as a full basement. Each of the three floors has a two- bedroom suite, a one-bedroom suite and a bachelor suite. Approximately one third of the space is designated for people transitioning to greater independence while living with mental health dynamics.  Another third is available to the neighbourhood for affordable housing.  And the final third represents Christians committed to share life and community together in the building, while extending hospitality and service to the other tenants & the wider neighbourhood.  One bachelor suite has been designated as a community room to encourage connection and relationship between the all the tenants.

The basement has a small one-bedroom suite for hospitality & emergency housing needs, as well as a small office and meeting space for ministry and community purposes. It also contains laundry and two full bathrooms. While each floor is self-contained and secure, the entire building functions as a singular community for any resident who chooses to participate.

Those tenants committed to share life together in the building have already developed and adhere to a commitment of consistent connection, such as consistently sharing meals, hosting activities in the building, etc.  These members also participate in various churches/Christian communities, including but not be restricted to members of Little Flowers Community.  Their role is personal and voluntary, not functioning as paid leadership in any way. (There is a paid caretaker position)

We are excited to have had the building open and running since 2015.  However, in order to see sustained, we need your help, through prayer, volunteering and financial donations.

Donations can be made out to Eden Foundation, designated for “Chiara House” and sent to:

Eden Foundation
Box 129
Winkler MB R6W 4A4

If you would like information about living in Chiara House, please email:

“Our friends at Little Flowers Community is one of God’s flourishing new plants that give us hope for way of Jesus in inner city Winnipeg.  They are both a church and an intentional community that have just purchased a three floor apartment called Chiara House.  This building will both  house their intentional community as well as give them a place to more fully serve the urban poor.  We need to see thousands of the followers of Jesus in North America follow the example of our friends at the Community of Little Flowers of creating intentional communities to both be a difference and make a difference in these troubled times.”

Tom Sine – Mustard Seed Associates

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